March 10, 2015 - Tibetan National Uprising Day

Tibetans and supporters commemorate the 56th Tibetan National Uprising Day in Washington, DC.

More than a hundred Tibetans and supporters gathered to commemorat the Tibetan National Uprising Day in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC on March 10, 2015. The event started with singing of the Tibetan National anthem and recitation of prayers for Tibetans deceased and suffering in Tibet. Representative from the Office of Tibet in Washington, DC, Ngawang Yonten la read the Official statement from the Central Tibetan Administration, followed by a few other speakers, including board member of the Capital Area Tibetan Association, Charlottesville Tibetan Association, regional Tibetan Youth Congress and Dr. Yang Jianli, president of Initive for China.

The Tibetan National Uprising Day wouldn't be complete without various slogans raised at the top of participants voice, reflecting diverse views within Tibetans living in Tibet and across the world.

Even though it was raining, Tibetans and supporters marched from the Chinese embassy towards the White House, covering a distance of more than 5 miles through the heart of the Capital. People waved and cars honked in support of Tibet's struggle as the participants walked in a long line and negotiated traffic while chanting slogans.

It was a symbolically important jesture, particularly for Tibetan Americans to walk from the Chinese embassy to the White House, the host nation. Upon reaching there, Bhuchung Tsering la, Vice President of International Campaign for Tibet and Dr. Yang Jainli touched on the significant of the walk and the important role the US administration must play in resolving the Tibet issue.

The 56th Tibetan National Uprising Day concluded with singing of the Tibetan National anthem, followed by the perennial Tibetan slogan, "Bho Gyal Lo" - Victory to Tibet.

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