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The Blue Book

Become a Friend of Tibet by participating in the Tibetan Solidarity Partnership known as the Blue Book project. 


The Blue Book project is patterned after the Tibetan Freedom Movement’s Green Book to record the generous contributions of many individuals to resolve the issue of Tibet. It was introduced in year 1996 with an aim of garnering support and solidarity for the just cause of Tibet from people of all walks of life.


Many individuals have shown solidarity and voluntarily contributed towards the Tibetan cause which has greatly benefited the just cause of Tibet and in sustaining the Tibetan refugee community in exile.


The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) needs your continual support for the Tibetan cause and you can voluntarily join this solidarity alliance as mark of your support.


A Blue Book is issued to every member wishing to contribute to this project to symbolize their solidarity. Hence it is called Blue Book project.  


Your generosity will be recorded across time by placing colorful stamps bearing the picture of different ancient Tibetan heritage affixed on the book to the value of your donation.


All proceeds from the contribution will be used towards supporting various CTA projects related to education of Tibetan children, revitalizing Tibetan refugee settlements, providing healthcare and other socio-welfare services.


For more information, please contact: otdcoutreach(at) or visit the website. 

For local residents of District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland: To stay informed about our events, please send us an email so that we can add you on our mailing list. Email address is

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