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Sikyong Receives Presidential Medal

Capital Area Tibetan Association congratulates Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay for the prestigious Presidential Medal, the highest honor awarded by Salisbury University to an individual for leadership and forward thinking.

CATA members attended the award perentation at the University, located a few hours from the Capital area, and board member Lobsang Wangkhang la offered white Katha after the ceremony on behalf of the CATA members. In an email brief to community members, he wrote:

"It was truly a delight to see the entire auditorium filled to capacity and what was more impressive is the fact that the President's medal was bestowed for the second time ever in the last 90 years. Also, the talk presented by Sikyong as part of the "One Man can Make a Difference" Lecture Series was truly informative and engaging. He covered several issues mainly including the unique nature of Tibetan Democracy, our middle way (Umeh Lam) approach and the importance of protecting the environment especially in Tibet since its a vital source of water supply to Asia. He also emphasized on the non violence approach of our struggle for freedom and mentioned about the sacrifices made by many especially the ones who self immolated themselves. Overall, it was a very informative talk, a lot of non tibetans who attended the event left with a better understanding of our government in exile, it's people and its struggles."

CATA's president Rigdhen Dolma la presented Sikyong with Khata and bouquet of flower at the hotel before he departed from Washington, DC.

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