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CATA Film Screening of "Bringing Tibet Home"

CATA held a screening of the film "Bringing Tibet Home" last Friday in Fairfax, VA.

The film featured contemporary Tibetan artist, Tenzing Rigdol, on his painstaking and emotional journey to retrieve soil from Tibet to bring to the Tibetan exile community. The deep emotion experienced by Tibetans as they reconnect with their homeland through this "piece of home" is beautifully captured in the film.

Members of the community were moved by the film and kindly donated to Tenzing Rigdol's upcoming project entitled Road Warriors. Tenzing Rigdol was also at the screening to answer questions from the audience.

CATA would like to thank the community for its participation and interest in the film screening.

If you are interested in further information about the film, please visit:

Donations for Tenzing Rigdo's next project can be made online here:

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