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Tibetan National Uprising Day in Washington, DC

Tibetans and Tibet supporters in the Washington, DC area commemorated the 58th anniversary of the March 10th Tibetan National Uprising Day by gathering in front of the Chinese Embassy. Following speeches and protest slogans in front of the embassy, the demonstrators marched to the White House where they pressed the Trump administration to take action in support of Tibet.

The protest was organized by CATA and the Regional Capital Area Tibetan Youth Congress, and included speakers from the International Campaign for Tibet and prominent Tibet supporters from the Chinese community including Yang Jianli and Wang Xeuli.

CATA would like to thank everyone who attended the protest including Tibetans from the Charlottesville Tibetan Association.

CATA is proud to have joined the thousands of Tibetans and Tibet supporters across the globe who made their voices heard on March 10th. Free Tibet! Bod Gyalo!

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